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40 Minutes Long

With over 30 years in the magic show biz, we've discovered that 40 minutes is the perfect length for our magic show. It's the perfect amount of time to entertain the kids before they get restless.

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The Birthday Child Is The Star!

We make your birthday child feel extra special on their special day! Not only do we bring the magic show right to your home, but your child also gets to be a little magician for the day! We get the birthday child involved in the show and we can even teach them some magic tricks!

Age Appropriate

With every show that Philip & Henry performs, we always try to target the specific age group of the kids watching the show. We tailor the tricks and the comedy so that it's not to childish and it won't go over their heads!


Comedy & Magic

We don't just perform magic at your school. We incorporate tons of comedy throughout the show as well! We find that it's always important to include comedy in the show to keep the kids attention. We'll amaze the kids and keep them laughing!

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Call: 1-866-304-9658 x121

Email: bookings@philipandhenry.com

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